New for 23/24 Am I a Viking?: Exploring Your Ancestry Through DNA.

The use of DNA to explore our ancestry has become popular for those looking to understand where their ancestors originate from. Using my own DNA Journey this talk offers a basic understanding of how DNA testing helps to discover our past.

Pictures in Glass: History and Construction of Stained Glass Windows.

From the early appearance of ecclesiastical glass in the 8th century through to the modern windows of today this talk briefly explores the history and development of the English Stained Glass Window. If time is available the talk can also include a practical demonstration on how a leaded light panel is constructed.   

 Balloons and Parachutes:  The Adventures of an Edwardian Air Display Heroine.

The inspirational story of parachute pioneer Dolly Shepherd is one of daring, bravery and determination and this talk explores Dolly’s amazing exploits in this once popular form of pre-aeroplane aerial entertainment.

Defending Cold War Britain: A Personal Insight into the Role of the Royal Observer Corp. 

Many people might be aware of the role of the Observer Corp in the Battle of Britain but its role in civil defence went right the way through to the end of the cold war. As a member of the Royal Observer Corp in the late 70’s early 80’s, this talk gives a personal insight into its history and rolein more recent times

Something Different: Things That Go Bump: Personal Tales of Ghostly Encounters.

Although suitable for any time of year this fun talk is ideal for the Halloween period. It features actual stories of the experiences I have encountered when asked, as a dowser to investigate strange happenings in people’s houses and places of work.


Each talk is around 45 mins long 

For further details and to arrange a booking please ring or email me at the following: Phone: 07980 871378       Email: